Los Angeles Roller Skating Scene

So I just returned from a week long end-of-year rejuvenation trip to Los Angeles. So so needed.  New York you got me for like two more years and then ... I need better weather for longer. 

While I was in town I shot a little bit of my skate family at World on Wheels and the Venice Beach Skate Area. Wasn't really in photographer mode, but just wanted to catch a few flicks. 

LA Roller Scene Round-Up: 

Sk8 Mafia video I shot back in February 2016 at Fountain Valley Skating Center.

LA-Area Skate Crews: Sk8 Mafia, Mini Mafia, S.W.A., Wood Rydrz Skate ClubMoxi Roller Skate Team, Honor Roller Skate Crew, Venice Beach Skaters

Custom Skates: Sk8 Fanatics

LA Roll: An documentary about rollerskating in L.A. *Still in production*. 

Photographer, Alejandro Sanchez aka bellyflop66, has been documenting the skate community with beautiful large format black-and-white photographs. Check out his work. 

Annual Skate Parties: WestCoast Back-2-Cali (May 24-27 2018) and Cali Slide (Nov 9-11 2018)

Places to Skate: World on Wheels, Skate Express, Fountain Valley Skating Center, Venice Beach Skate Area (right next to the famous Venice Beach Skate Park), The Rinks - Huntington Beach, Moonlight Rollerway 

Probably missing stuff, but this is a good start. 

PhotographyBianca Garcia