Beginner's Luck is an ode to my city,

New York. 

All photos in this series were shot between 2012 and 2014 on my mother's old Olympus OM-10 camera using 35mm Kodak Tri-X film. 

I am very much a student of the New York street photography tradition of the 1970's-1980's à la Bruce Davidson, Jamel Shabazz, Stephen Shames, Martha Cooper, etc. A period of time that saw unprecedented crime and economic crisis, but also the creation of some of America's most important contributions to world popular culture - disco, punk rock, hip-hop, graffiti, etc.

My mother's era.

New York has changed tremendously and my time is a different time. 

I started shooting in the street because I wanted to be a part of New York - the fabric, the rhythm. I wanted to exist here in a way that I had never existed in any other place.

I offer these photos with the desire to be counted as part of New York's extremely rich street photography tradition. That's it.

If nothing else, these photos stand as record that I was here. 

*Note: I have roughly 1,000 photos to develop and parcel through that I shot in 2013. Those photos will gradually be added to this series as I find them appropriate.